“Finding God in the Hollow”

Finding the Hollow Space Blessed Vasal Hopko Matthew 13:18-23

The only way Christ comes to us is in the flesh–He is not some far off deity–but dwells in the flesh of each human being. There is a lady, whom I call Liz, and she is 80 years old. She lives on her Social Security, which is $950.00, and which she earned working as a waitress for over fifty years; she is always out on the street cleaning and picking up the trash, trying “to give something back to people,” and now she fears eviction.  I sit on the beach late at night and see the waves of the Pacific Ocean crash in, and they  cleanse the beach as they flow out again leaving nothing. Those are the waves that Liz are feeling, and so many others are feeling now. I feel them. People with families working full time jobs are living in their cars. The streets are full of homeless and the City wants to increase the shelter system to get them out of sight.  And I sit here pondering, “What the hell?” All I know to do is simply to continue being a pastor to my small flock until the waves of time pull me out into nothingness.  And in this hollow space one can find God most present! Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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