Who Do You Say That I Am?

Matt. 16:13-19  “Who Do You Say That I Am?”  (Peter and Paul)

Saturday and Sunday I worked at Pride, a celebration of diversity. Last night I attended a dinner of celebration of the victory in a murder case of a defendant I testified for.. That was where I experienced the real Pride, and the real Church. These were men and women, of all racial backgrounds, who have given their lives as public defenders, defending people that no one else cares about. As far as I could tell none are  believers, but they are the body of Christ because they see the broken body in those that are knocked down by society, and who need defending regardless of their guilt,  without judgment. I love the Law and Order series, it is my one addiction,  but you never see the public defenders in a positive light–it is always the law and order people–but the public defenders are the real heroes. These men and women could make a fortune in private practice, instead they have chosen a way of life that is often not safe, certainly not praised, and they make little money compared to their brothers and sisters. They put their lives on the line. Haddi, and Jennifer are two that I give the loudest praise to, for they give their all, and continue helping their defendants  after the trial. The celebration of Pride for me is born out in the giving of your life to all people, no matter the circumstances, and these men and women do that. I celebrate their Pride, and their work.I give them thanks for inviting me to be apart of their celebration and their work.

Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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