A Fool

I Cor. 11:11-30–  “A Fool”  St. Romuald

“, , ,if you really just accept accept the fact that I am a fool.”

I have received several face book responses telling what “a fool” I am, plus numerous other lovely, comments. The truth is I am probably whatever people say that I am.  We expect people frankly to be perfect, and the result is we get lifeless politicians and leaders and we become lifeless–I will take a sinner any time over a plastic supposedly perfect individual–for you see we sinners are true and fragile, and open– for you see we are all a mixture of the grey. But I am a fool, a fool because I because we should meet people where they are. There is a gentleman who is dying on the street, and he will not leave the street unless he has to. I will support him in what he wants, and I am told I am a “fool”-because he needs to be forced into a facility; we talk about racism, and the prejudice in our society and yet as I walk around I see no blacks, and the minorities are serving us in our restaurants–rather than talk, let’s see people as simply our fellow travelers and travel with them, but than I am a fool.  Will Tuttle wrote about veganism:

“A primary danger is that we might leave home but not return; that is, we could awaken to the harmfulness inherent in our culture’s commodification of living beings but fail to bring this awakening to our culture by becoming a voice for these beings.

If our understanding isn’t articulated in ways that are meaningful for us, it can become imprisoned within us and turn sour, becoming cynicism, anger, despair, and disease. This doesn’t serve us or anyone else.”

But to carry these words out into life  we can not  simply talk about something, and give our opinions for  we become cynical–it is in the mixing, and intermingling and personally relating that we meet a middle ground where we can agree and live.  But than I am a fool. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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