The Lost Boys


There was article in the paper this morning about the teens who come to San Francisco and are successful in the tech industry. They make money, have fun.  But the article referred to them as “The Lost Boys” and the reality is they are “lost”, for the writer pointed out that these guys very seldom see beyond what they are doing to others, one young man commented that he talked to this “old uber driver of thirty,” the first person he had talked to outside of his peer group in weeks.   They have no contact with the reality of life. Than there are the one’s, the majority who do not make it, and wind up on the street, several of my guys came here to make it big in the tech world, now they are on the streets in the Haight. They are lost–lost in knowing who they are, where there is life is going. Their hopes were dashed, now they simply have no idea what to do with their lives.

In another article one write was comparing San Francisco’s treatment of the homeless to New York’s and basically said that San Francisco was weak in its treatment of the homeless–and for all of her problems San Francisco is a compassionate City, recognizes the humanity of people, rather than places  them in the category of being “homeless”.   Our economy, our lack of mental health care, our lack of health care and jobs, high rent-all have increased homelessness–it is not often a choice.  Most of us walk on the edge of homelessness all of the time–at least if we live in San Francisco we do.

Lately there has been much said about the Roman Catholic Church and its stands on queer issues, and what is always left out are those of us who follow the Christ who treats every one equal, who hates power, and serves Christ,  who went to his death for what he believed.  The Jesus of the Gospels who told us to “Love God and love our neighbor” is left out of the equation.

For me loving God and my neighbor have opened doors that have fed me, nourished me, sustained me through the years.  As Scott Peck said: “Life is difficult,” but it is in living that life with an open mind, compassion, focused on God that it becomes a joy.   I saw the play The Golden State: Part One-Delano last night. It is a play about people who suffer finding hope in their faith.  That is what faith is about finding hope, sustenance, and in finding that sharing it with others equally and openly. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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