Living Out My Dream

Mark 12:38-44 “Living Out My Dream”

Today I received a letter from a young man in prison for murder, a young man’s whose father I have known for over twenty years, whom I met on the street; I had a phone call from another young man in juvenile hall, whose grandfather I worked with twenty years ago on the street; I walked down the street tonight and one gentleman has an illness where he can die at any time. He sleeps on the street, and I am his only contact; and so it goes.  My dream as a young boy was to be a pastor, and that is the dream I live out day in and day out–walking with people, loving them, counseling, baptizing, marrying, burying and giving them the Eucharist.  I have never been about changing the world, simply walking with people in their pain, The food given out, the needles and socks, help them, but they are tools for me to know them and be their pastor. I write this as I think of the letter and the phone call I received, for those are signs of living out my dream.  It is what I went to school to do, it is the craft I have spent years honing, and it is the path I will walk until the day I die, for I am living out my calling, and the dream by which to which I hooked  my star to so many years ago. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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