May 12  Brother Roger Schutz An Earth Shattering Experience Jn. 16-5-11

“In a day or so you’re not going to see me, but then in another day or so you will see me.” Jn  11:16

May 12 is a day that changed my life forever. I was 19, a student pastor, in my first year of seminary. I was coming home from a youth group meeting at 9 p.m. one night out in the country, the road was wet, and the car slid in the ditch. One of the youth who was with me was killed instantly, me and the other youth had no scratches. I remember that night, the darkness, the ambulance, the hospital, and the days, months and years that followed, they were painful times. What I learned was that when I needed him Jesus would show himself in one way or another.  In the years ahead in the times to come–I knew that Christ was there, as I know now, and that is what sustains me, keeps me focused, keeps me going–knowing Christ is there.

From that night and the many others that have followed I have learned how to define success: to live in the present, being present in the moment–giving my all, and letting others make their own decisions.  Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!