“Walking in Peace”

Mark 10:17-27  “Walking in Peace”

I have been threatened with jail through the years because I will not reveal a confession, and even though I am not Roman Catholic, I hold the confession sacred because it is the one place people can bring their lives before God in peace.The good and the bad come together, and through God the scars begin to heal and peace and healing begin.

Henry Nouen says: “In this crazy world, there’s an enormous distinction between good times and bad, between sorrow and joy. But in the eyes of God, they’re never separated. Where there is pain, there is healing. Where there is mourning, there is dancing. Where there is poverty, there is the kingdom.”

We can not separate the good from the bad–the effects of our sin from the new person, but we can open our lives up to healing and give forgiveness, and receive forgiveness and move on in new life.

Thich Nhat Hanh says; “People say that walking on water is a miracle, but to me walking peacefully on the earth is the real miracle.” Through the years I have been beaten, stabbed, had the closest to me murdered–and what I have learned is one can not separate the bad from the good, but one can forgive, let go, and let the scars from the bad heal, and move on in new life with the scars as a sign of forgiveness. We need that badly in our society, We need that badly in our lives. Face Book is depressing as I see people tear themselves and each other up–so let us try to live the “real miracle”, and walk peacefully on the earth. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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