Right to Choose

Franz Jagerstatter  “Right to Choose”

Before his death Franz wrote: “Not everything which this world considers a crime is a crime in the eyes of God.  I have hope that I need not fear the stern judge because of this crime.”

There was a slogan on Face book that I  noted which goes  “Just because I am pro-choice does not mean I am pro abortion.  It means I understand that your choice is none of my damn business and  I will always fight for your right to choose.”

We live in a society when everyone puts their two cents worth in to the point of hurting people. We all come from different perspectives, cultural back grounds, and it is only  when we step back and respect those back grounds and listen can we reach an understanding.

The culture wars around abortion, sexual orientation, equal rights are destructive when we do not respect the the other side.  People know damn well where I stand on equal rights, gender issues, sexual orientation, equality of marriage–the death penalty–I am loud and clear about that, but I do not presume that they are wrong, I respect their opinion.

I am not pro-choice, even though I believe the Bible does not condemn abortion, when I counsel women I show no opinion but let them work through their choice and than I honor their choice–whatever their choice may be, I honor it.  You see I am a man, I do not have to make that choice, I have no idea what a woman goes through psychologically and physically–so how can I condemn someone without knowing.

What I do believe from the teachings of Jesus is that we should love God and our neighbor, and in loving our neighbor we honor their positions.  I told a Roman Catholic friend recently that when we get to heaven I will gladly shake his hand and he can congratulate me on being right about all the issues we disagree on, but until than I respect his right to disagree.

Franz Jagerstatter laid his life down in opposition to what his society accepted, to serve in the army of the Germans.  He was condemned, ridiculed by his own people. When I condemn someone from believing differently from me in religious belief, sexual orientation, abortion, marriage equality, and gender issues than I am being judge, jury and executioner.

It is in diversity, and the respect of all people that we can find a common meeting ground.  Let us focus on the poverty, the climate issues, and the racial issues that divide us–and in so doing we bring life. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

Another reason plant-based foods taste better is that we feel better eating them and contemplating their origins. Eating slowly, we enjoy contemplating the organic orchards and gardens that supply the delicious vegetables, fruits, and grains we’re eating. Dr. Will Tuttle

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