Sirach 51:12-20  “Wisdom”  Cardinal Emmanuel Suhard

The passage from Sirach speaks to me today, it is about gaining wisdom as you grow older.  And I have gained a little. Two examples are I simply see my life and work in terms of a journey, no more special than any one else; and I accept my limitations and my sins for that of simply being a human being on the journey. I look back at my teenage years and my young adult years and it scares the hell out of me.

The culture in which I was raised forced me into a closet that nearly destroyed me, and I have many scars from that time, scares that have healed and allowed me from my wounds to minister to others.  What I give young adults is a new way of looking at their faith from a perspective of wholeness. 

Facebook, the newspapers and magazines are full of condemnation of people’s past–going back forty years. Not one of our public figures is exempt.  All are dirtied.  But God accepts our imperfections.  Jerome Nadal, SJ expresses it best:

Father Ignatius says that God deals with us differently than do worldly human beings.  They look to find whatever is bad or imperfect in our actions, they take note of it and than hold it against us.  God, however, looks to see what good we have done, and closes an eye to our imperfections.

Ignatius’s spiritual perspective flows from his view that God is a giver, showering us with gifts “as the rays of light descend from the sun.”

We who are followers of God, however we express that God, are called to be second chance givers, and remember that when we point a finger at others we are pointing two at our selves. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!