The Bread of Life

John 6:44-51 “I Am The Bread of Life” Kathe Koilwitz

Paul  Vallely tells us: “So long as, I define my neighbor as a person next door. .my world will remain the same (but)if I define my neighbor as one I must go out to look for, on the highways and the byways, in the factories an slums, on the farms and in the mines, then my world will change.”

We are living in a new world here in the Bay Area, and it is our choosing if we want to create it into a an inclusive, healing place to live–not the government–for it is failing us; not-non-profits–but our choice. If we choose to see our neighbor in each person, and to share with that person of ourselves, than this “brave new world” will become more healing. Last week I was in the Haight and had forgotten my parking card, and one of the young women came up and put her last money in, saying to me, “You give all you have to us,  I can give you all I have.” All of us can share, and than we all will have enough. The greed is destroying us, destroying the meaning in our lives.

When we choose to be hear for God–God however we know God,and for me it is in the Jesus of Nazareth. When we choose to be here for ourselves–let our egos be large, and controlling–the more our body, physical, mental, mystical, suffers. When we choose to shrink that ego–than we are open to our neighbors–all of our neighbors.It is hard to be here when we shrink–but what hurts more is shrinking away from it.

I admit I suffer like hell sometimes–pain, depression, fear, illness–but I will suffer more, far more if I shrink away from that suffering, and from being present to my neighbor–for in them I find the face of the Risen Christ, and I find the resurrection.  Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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