Who Killed Jesus?

March 29 “Who Killed Jesus” Philippians 2:5-11; Mark 15:1-47

Who killed Jesus? That is the question that is raised, and many of have used the answer to persecute the Jews. But the reality is the imperial system of Rome which forced Pilate into cooperation with Caiaphas who entered into am alliance to sacrifice innocent lives to maintain its rule. The historical imperial system and its thirst for power was the historical reason for Jesus being crucified.

Today it is the imperial system that continues to crucify Jesus–to maintain the status quo of the capitalist form of an economy that keeps people in poverty, the country at war, and people going hungry without housing and health care–all of us have blood on our hands:

1. 1 in 4 people go hungry in San Francisco alone–other places more–people hang outside our nice restaurants and we walk by, smiling, laughing–and let them starve;

2. To obtain decent housing in San Francisco, middle class income needs to be $121,000–that leaves out the vast majority–and we walk by as people sleep in their sleeping bags, chilly under a blanket–enjoying our lives.

3. We pat ourselves on the back with Obamacare, but millions fall through the cracks who are not within the system–we need universal health care that is free–but we laugh and pat ourselves on the back for what we have done, and millions suffer.

4. We are hungry for oil, to the point that in some parts of California the oil drilling has caused problems with the water supply, there is a push to drill in the Artic and our climate is changing, and we live in the moment in our satisfaction without thought of the future.

5. The Church, and I mean the Church in general–not just Roman Catholic, United Methodist, Episcopal, etc–but all of the Church continues to be segregated, keep our doors shut to the homeless, and keep our heads in the sands around the issues of homelessness, climate change, and our inhumanity to our fellow humans in general–we fight the “culture’ wars tearing ourselves a part rather than focusing on the One who calls us to serve all humanity.

6. 1.3 million people–mostly innocent men and women and children–have died in our wars–and we can sleep at night–but we have our comforts.

Last night as I walked Polk I counted fifty people, all of whom I know by name, sleeping in the door ways, one was pregnant, one has cancer, and is suffering with no place to go, and I asked myself “Who is crucifying Jesus today?” And the answer is we are.

Martin Luther once said: “I have so much to do (today) that I should spend the first three hours in prayer.”
– Martin Luther (1483-1546)
(There you have it! It’s when we’re busiest that we most need prayer.)

In the past decade I have discovered that what holds my sanity in place is praying the Daily Hours. In the morning I spend two hours exercising, celebrating the Eucharist, and in prayer, and the rest of the day at mid morning, mid day, mid afternoon, Evening, and Night I stop sometimes just a few minutes and read the Daily Office. The words filter through my brain and my heart, and call me to look around at the suffering in our midst–it imparts to me the desire to seek to change what I see, and simply to do what I can, just simply to be present in the moment.

This week I encourage you to stop at least an hour during the day–break it up–read the scriptures for the day, and think how Holy Week is lived out today in the pain of today and how you can share the Gospel of the Risen Christ to those around you. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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    I did, with my own sins.

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