A Question of Faith

March 26, 2015 “A Question of Faith” Gen. 17: 3-9; John 8:51-59 Adrienne von Speyr

Today is my birthday–like any other day for me–preparing a meal, seeing whoever comes to my door. I had dinner with my two friends visiting from Chicago last night, and that is all the celebration we will do, and for me my birthday is just another day. I am depressed, have been for a few days–because of the pain I have seen in people. One young guy pulled a knife on me yesterday, projecting his anger at the world on me, pure and simple. He said one thing that I have thought about, he said; “You and all these people tell me you are my friend, and you don’t give me a place to live.” And I thought about that–I thought about the inequality of friendships. If I lost my place I frankly I would not expect any help, but than I never expect much help for I am that white privileged male. And in thinking about his comment I know I am his friend, I have fed him, taken him to the hospital, listened to him for hours, taken him out to eat, given him birthday and Christmas gifts–I have given what I can. Next time I see him he want even remember it, but it still hurts, it goes deep for me when I hear things like this; I have been depressed because people are so blunt on Face Book and can not seem to understand their words have and affect on people. I see the brutality of humans all around–in the evictions, the lack of concern for the poor, and the elderly, I see it, I experience it, and It hurts.

A friend of mine asked me other day if I was ever Mary, and not Martha, waiting on people all the time. Last week I was Martha, taking classes, this week I am Mary, and will be for the next two weeks, than I will take three days and be Martha again, I take time, I am both, it all equals out. For me the Gospel lies in the truthfulness of what we live out in Christ. People have been criticizing the Pope for making a saint out of Juniper Sierra, and in reading his biography he was simply a man of his time, he is a saint, his actions were lived out in his interpretation of the Gospel at that time. We need to remember that the Gospel and it message evolves–one day all churches will embrace inclusivity, not in my life time, but one day. So my prayer is that we can look at all sides, and look at all sides of each other and offer love and understanding. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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