“You Are Dust And To Dust You Shall Return!”

February 18 “You Are Dust And To Dust You Shall Return!” Ash Wednesday Matt. 6: 6-18

Today is Ash Wednesday and the ashes we place and have placed on our foreheads with the words “You are dust, and to dust you shall return”, remind us of our mortality. Today I will walk on Polk and the Tenderloin and tomorrow in the Haight offering ashes. And in each person, young, middle age, and not so young the ashes remind them of their humanity, and that because of that humanity they are called to love their brother and their sister.

Last night I spent time with a young man on the corner of Haight and Clay whose mom had just died. He could not go home, and as he cried and talked I thought of our mortality and ultimately this is where it is for all of us, in the moment, holding the hand, caring.

Today I invite you to remember those on death row, to fast a meal, and remember those who are hungry, to go out and take someone’s hand and take them buy them that meal that you are giving up. So many walk the street who are hungry. I gave food to ten as I walked a block to St. Luke’s this morning. Let the ashes call us to look at our fellow humans without discrimination–feed someone today. Feed someone today who has little food. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

With awareness, our behavior naturally changes, and individual changes in behavior, rippling through the web of relationships, can lead to social transformation and bring new dimensions of freedom, joy, and creativity to everyone. It all begins with our most intimate and far-reaching connection with the natural order, our most primary spiritual symbol, and our most fundamental social ritual: eating. Dr. Will Tuttle

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