Changing Lives On Demand

February 16, 2014 Changing Lives on Demand Mk. 8:11-13

People always asked me about my “successes” and frankly it becomes tiresome, because like Jesus I can not change lives on demand–all I am is simply a pastor, who walks with people in the moment, doing what I can, but simply walking with them. Yesterday G, who is 28 came by needing food and socks, and I have known him for 12 years, he was high, and he now has three kids, and yet he is still on the street, doing what he is doing; M, 28, came by, dirty, high as a guy, beaten up by a john, and in talking as I cleaned his wounds he remarked he has known me for 11 years. I look for the working of God in my life and that working is in being present, showing love without judgment, giving a person a hand when they asked–changing lives that is up to God and them.

The following from the Franciscan Network spells it out for in my search for happiness if I cling to transforming lives, rather than be a pastor I would burn out and not find the joy I find in working with these guys, real joy to walk with them.


Jesus comes as One who can set us free from those things to which we desperately cling in our search for happiness. “Is not life more than these?” he asks, as he gently and lovingly touches the very places in our lives where we are most bound. “You lack this one thing. Let it go. Come and follow me.”

-Br. David Vryhof

Looking deeply, we see that the perpetrators are themselves victims of violence—that’s why they’ve become perpetrators—and their violence hurts not only the animals but themselves and the bystanders as well. All three are locked in a painful embrace, and it is the bystanders who have the real power. They can either turn and look away, thus giving their tacit approval, or they can witness and bring a third dimension of consciousness and awareness to the cycle of violence that has the victims and perpetrators hopelessly enmeshed. Dr.Will Tuttle

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