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“The World Will Be Saved By Beauty”

January 29, 2015

January 29, “The World Will Be Saved By Beauty” Fydor Dostoevsky Hebrews 9:19-25; Mark 4:21-25

Someone once described my life as that of being sat down in the center of a rail road track with many crossings and there are many trains rushing at me and I will be hit by some. And that is the way it feels some days. This past week I have a mother who wants me to tell her where her 35 year old son is, and I can not do that and is angry, ; another person is angry because I want support his politics, there have been a couple of death threats. I feel sometimes like my head is spinning, but than I hear the words of Dostoevsky, “The World will be saved by beauty”, and I see the beauty in my life.

The smile on the young guy’s face as I visited him in the hospital and we celebrated the Eucharist together; the kindness I receive as I walk late at night in the Park talking and handing out food, and other things. There is so much beauty and for me that beauty is found in the Gospel–for the Gospel is alive when we open the doors to the love of Christ.

It was like the other night when a fifteen year old Muslim youth came to me with a black eye and bruises, he had been beaten up by some adults who got angry when he would not “accept Jesus”. He was scared, and was surprised at the anger in San Francisco towards Muslims. I bought him something to eat and simply said, ‘That is not the Jesus I know, the Jesus I know, is one of love, and I believe that all religious expressions are simply a revealing of that one God of Love.” We read the Koran and the Gospel together. This is the beauty of God in our midst. This is the beauty each of us are called to share, manifest and live out. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

As long as we remain imprisoned in the maze of self-oriented thinking, we can easily justify our cruelty to others, excuse our hard eyes and supremacist position, discount the suffering we impose on others, and continue on, rationalizing our actions and blocking awareness of the reality of our feelings and of our fundamental oneness with other beings. Dr. Will Tuttle

Peniel February 2015

January 29, 2015


On my wall are two paintings one is by Elizabeth Wrightman, Holy Communion and the Streets. It is a painting of a person of color who is a gang member surrounded by guns, holding in his hands a loaf of bread and whiskey container. Elizabeth explains: “This painting portrays Jesus as a person of color and as a person of no material means/third world one might say. I never paint Christ as a Northern European man. He should never be identified with the establishment or the oppressor. Or the”haves”. He is a victim who hands himself over to torture and public execution to show (among other things!) his embrace of those who suffer in our midst. The themes are those of liberation theology: 1.) the preferential option for the poor,and 2.) the gospel from below; those who are powerless, oppressed or marginalized,

then he is:

3.) above and somewhat outside of the whole world, as well….. All the religions, violence, searches for truth,woes,longings, troubles, etc. he is in solidarity with but also beyond (transcendent) not constrained by them; they cannot limit him. He is a man of the Trinity. He is both human and divine. He is a man who walked living from an empty tomb still with his wounds. He is not a humanistic ‘great teacher’ , but the Risen Christ who feeds us from his own self-emptying loving presence, from another world, the unseen Kingdom of God. Violence is the most seductive idol in this painting, and that voice, among others, which he calls us not to hear.”

The second is one by a street youth. I call it “Questioning”, for it is a painting of crosses surrounded by question marks. This young man was a gay youth who committed suicide. He had been abused terribly by Christian people, and yet he still believed in Christ.

As we enter Lent I hold these two paintings up as signs for me of our Lenten journey. For our Lenten journey is a journey of becoming, of evolving, and never ends. As we examine our lives during Lent we reflect upon the suffering each of us causes others, and in our evolving we can bring the resurrected Christ to those we work with. For we are a mixture, none of us are clean, not one of us.

Oscar Romero says so concisely: “We live in a time of struggle, between truth and lies, between sincerity, which almost no one believes in still, and hypocrisy and intrigue. Let’s not be afraid brothers and sisters; let’s try to be sincere, to love truth; let’s try to model ourselves on Christ Jesus. It is time for us to have a great sense of selection, of discernment.”

Let us discern during this Lent, and work at opening our lives to others—to be free of all that holds us back from loving our brothers and sisters. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

Lenten Schedule

During Lent Fr. River will follow the Muslim custom of Ramadam of eating meals before sunrise and after sunset as his fast, and fasting throughout the day. He will not be available for meals, but will always sit with you and fellowship.

ASH WEDNESDAY: February 18

On February 18 we will walk Polk Street and Haight from 3:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m. praying with me and imputing ashes on the foreheads of individuals as we do outreach.


We will celebrate the Eucharist and have foot washing in Golden Gate Park across the street front MacDonalds’s and Whole Foods at 5:00 p.m. and then in Hemlock Alley off Polk at 7:30 p.m.


We will celebrate our Fifteenth Annual Tenderloin Stations of the Cross beginning at Noon on April 3 in front of City Hall at Civic Center Plaza. For fifteen years we have carried the cross of Jesus in symbolism of our becoming Jesus and bearing the cross of homelessness, discrimination in rental rates, and lack of food for many in this City of San Francisco. The needs continue to increase and we continue. So please come and join us. If you would like to volunteer please contact Fr. River at 415-305-2124 or


Recently I was asked why we did not do a special New Year’s fund raising special, and I replied that I had received so many requests that I simply did not have the heart to asked people for money. They will be beggars themselves if they give to everyone. But we are beggars. Our needs increase, I do more weddings than ever to supplement and you give as you can give. So I come to you with my hat in my hand begging to help us feed the 2000 or so a month, provide pastoral care to over 500, harm reduction supplies and socks to over 2000. Give as you can, give from the bottom of your heart, knowing that 99 percent of your money is given for direct service.

Please give through pay pal on

Or mail to:

Temenos Catholic Worker

P.O. Box 642656

San Francisco, CA 94164

If you need a tax report for 2014 please email or send a by snail mail and give us until February 1.


January 27, 2015

January 27, “Darkness” Mk. 3:31-35 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camps

Today is the 70th Anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camps and we talk of that time as in the past, but it still continues. Darkness surrounds us–with the internet it is in our homes–I see people overwhelmed with depression and fear as never before, and that darkness is in the form of the evil of our inhumanity to our fellow human beings. There is never any “we” in our accusations it is them. There continue to be prisoners at Guantanmo, we continue war in the Middle East–all about us. We are all brothers and sisters–humans, and all of creation and we need to start seeing ourselves that way or we are going to destroy one another.

Another execution is planned for this week in Georgia, I urge you to write the Governor of Georgia and asked that it be stopped. For only when we see all humanity as worth living, and return evil with love and a justice that gives life will we truly have peace on earth:

Thanks for the notice on the NM execution coming up.

We in Georgia have another execution scheduled for Tuesday night.
Warren Hill is an intellectually disabled (the law still says
retarded) African American man. This will be his fifth death watch in
less than two years. He has a large and faithful extended family but
they are just about worn down by going through this so many times. Ed
Loring and I will be with them at the prison for the two days of death
watch leading up to the execution. We are still hoping & praying for
relief, but Georgia has been anxious to kill Warren for a long time.

For more information on Warren’s case and to sign a petition to save
him please see

National Law Journal, Op-ed – John Blume: “Dismal Irony in Pending
Execution of Intellectually Disabled Inmate,” January 22, 2015
& /or

Earlier this month Georgia executed a 67 year old man with full blown
PTSD (from Vietnam) and bipolar disorder. All of this is of course
against the law, but then this is Georgia—and well, this is the
American Empire!

Please pray for our folks on the row, their lawyers, and for all of us
who surround them and advocate for an end to this terror. . We are
anticipating some 9 or 10 executions in the coming months. It’s a real

Blessings and peace to all of you who fight the good fight.

Murphy Davis
The Open Door Community
910 Ponce de Leon Avenue, NE
Atlanta, GA 30306-4212

Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

Disconnecting and desensitizing in comfort is not the same as inner peace, which is the fruit of awareness and of living in alignment with the understanding that comes from this awareness.Dr. Will Tuttle

“A Liberartion of the Way of Our Looking At Life”

January 27, 2015

January 26, “A Liberation of Our Way of Looking at Life” Mark 3:22-30 Timothy and Titus

I spent the afternoon with a woman around sixty, but she is old before her time-she is homeless, broken, enslaved with her own demons, where she is not able to ask for help, to make life giving decisions. She lives on the street enslaved by her on demons. It is really heart wrenching for me. One of the difficulties I often have is when I am working with people I see myself in them and there but for the grace of God go I, it is painful for we are all on the edge. Nothing can separate us from that possibility. And much of her situation was that in our society is so much social division, and alienation that now she is really a “nobody”. And that is what can happen to all of us when we lose our status, our friends, our reputation, our financial situation–we are too held by the “strong man”.

One of the changes we all need to make is to let Jesus “bind that strong man” that hold us and let us not focus on the externals, but focus on where mercy rules–stop focusing on bureaucracy, authority figures, difficult people–we have no control and change our minds and let go of bitterness, anger, suspicion, stereotypes and judgment–and that frees both us and the other people in our lives to be freer. Living under God’s reign of mercy sets us free in our way of thinking, seeing, and acting. We are liberated from our prejudices and set free to be a part of the reign of God. Free to provide those who are bound with the demons of poverty, mental illness, the pain of their pass, free to give and see to it that all are housed, have food, and have health care. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

The Jonah Within Us

January 25, 2015

January 25, “The Jonah In Us” Jonah 3:1-5, 10, Mk. 1:14-20

Jonah tries to evade God’s call; we all try to evade, I certainly try to evade. But at the moment I am not evading or backing down. I have spent the past four and a half hours with young man, who is 17 at the hospital. He came out on Face book as gay, and his so called friends–older and younger–came back at him in condemnation and judgment. He tried to commit suicide. He said to me over and over, “I thought they were my friends, I thought they were my friends.”

The internet and Face book have become a tool for child trafficking, prostitution, and a means of hiding and speaking your so called truths without thought for the ramification of opening your mouth–because you do not have to face the person you are responding to. I use Face book for professional purposes, otherwise I would not use it, I expect the comments I receive for my postings. A friend of mine has said repeatedly that I am “different”, and yes I am “different” because I do not hold to the main view of society. So I expect the sometimes hateful, and snarly responses I receive.

But tonight holding my friend’s hand, seeing the pain, the rejection and the fear in his face I became angry and horrified at the cruelty we human beings have one toward another. And my prayer for people is they use the internet with compassion, and understand we are all different–all of us–in matters of faith, politics, the way we live our lives–I differ from every one in one way or another–and I am often judged for that. My kids on the street are judged, harshly for their life styles. We are all different–and it is in that difference that the rainbow of God shines. So please be aware of your tone, your way of wording items, and prayerfully respond–for people are hurt sometimes really horribly by our words. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

Write to Stop Exection in Okalhoma

January 24, 2015

One week to save Richard Glossip’s life

Dear friends,

I need your help. I’m writing to you today with great urgency because on Thursday, January 29, the state of Oklahoma plans to take the life of Richard Glossip, a man I believe to be completely innocent of the crime that sent him to death row. I am Richard’s spiritual advisor and, if his execution goes ahead, I will be with him on Thursday when he is killed.

Seventeen years ago, Richard was convicted of first-degree murder, in what prosecutors said was a murder for hire. He was convicted almost solely on the testimony of the man who confessed to the actual murder, Justin Sneed. Sneed, who did maintenance jobs in exchange for board at the Best Budget Inn in Oklahoma City where Richard was manager, confessed to beating the motel’s owner, Barry Van Treese, to death. During interrogation, Sneed originally said Richard had nothing to do with the murder but, after a break of 45 minutes in the interrogation video, Sneed changed his story and said that Glossip planned the killing and offered to pay him to commit the murder. Both men were convicted of first-degree murder, but in exchange for his testimony, Sneed received a life sentence without parole while Richard received a death sentence.

After spending two years on death row, the original conviction was thrown out after the Appeals court found Richard’s trial attorney had been incompetent. Richard received a new trial and spent three more years in county jail before that trial. Justin Sneed had told Richard he would not testify against him at this second trial, but after the prosecutors threatened Sneed with the death penalty if he changed his testimony, he once again testified against Richard, and Richard was once again sentenced to death. Before this second trial Richard was offered a plea bargain: If he pled guilty to second degree murder he would be given life imprisonment with the possibility of parole in 20 years. Richard refused this offer because he would have had to perjure himself to plead guilty to a crime he didn’t commit.

It should be noted that Richard had no history of violence and no prior arrests, and that the jury at his original trial had specifically stated that he posed no threat to society. Yet here we are with Oklahoma poised to kill him within the week. Richard has shown great courage and dignity in the face of this terrible injustice.

I need your help, first to try to stop this execution from taking place and, should we fail in that, to let Richard know that we will continue to fight for justice and mercy for all those on death row. Below you’ll find all the information you need to support Richard.

Late breaking news…
As we were about to publish this newsletter, the Supreme Court agreed to hear arguments about the constitutionality of Oklahoma’s lethal drug execution protocol. This is good news, but the court has not yet issued a stay of any pending executions so, at the moment, Richard’s execution is still scheduled to go ahead next week. The decision to grant cert (to hear the case) requires four votes; a stay requires five. This means that while there is some hope for at least a delay in Richard’s execution, given the conservative make up of the Court it’s no certainty, and the need for action on our part remains the same.

Steps you can take to help Richard Glossip

Although Richard’s execution is almost upon us, there are still many things each of us can do to perhaps prevent the execution and to give Richard strength and support in the coming days.

– Contact Governor Fallin’s office directly to respectfully ask her to stop Richard’s execution. The governor’s office can be reached by phone at (405) 521-2342 and by mail at:

Gov. Mary Fallin
Oklahoma State Capitol
2300 N. Lincoln Blvd., Rm. 212
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

– Follow Sister Helen on Facebook and Twitter. As events unfold in Oklahoma over the coming days, we will be posting updates and ways that you can help fight for Richard’s life.

– Take one minute and sign a petition asking Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin to grant clemency to Richard and spare his life. To date, there are almost 20,000 signers!

– Send Richard a note to let him know that you are thinking of him. Richard’s mailing address is:

Richard Glossip #267303
H Unit/Death Watch
OK State Prison
McAlester, OK 74502

– If Richard’s execution proceeds and you will be in Oklahoma City on January 29, join the Oklahoma Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty for a vigil outside of the governor’s mansion beginning at 5:15 pm and continuing until the execution concludes. The governor’s mansion is at 820 NE 23rd Street, Oklahoma City, OK. Another vigil will take place outside the Oklahoma State Prison in McAlester, beginning at 5 pm.

– Share Richard’s story with your friends, family, and social media networks. The more people who know what is happening, the more pressure there will be to stop the execution.

– Keep Richard, his family and friends, Sister Helen, and all who are working on Richard’s case in your thoughts and prayers, especially on Thursday, January 29.

A little background about Richard

I have been having wonderful conversations with Richard since I became his spiritual advisor. He is full of hope, compassion, passion for justice and humor. What grace under extreme pressure!

I wanted to share just a little bit about Richard’s life, so you, too, can know something about this alive-and-kicking man who Oklahoma plans to kill.

Richard was born in Galesburg, Illinois in 1963. He was the seventh of 16 children. His father was a coal miner who eventually died from black lung disease. The Glossips were poor but Richard loved both his parents and admired how they always did the best they could. Still, a household of 18 left precious little room for privacy and Richard decided to leave home at the age of 14 to escape the overcrowding. He lived on the streets for some time, then moved in with a friend, went back to school and got a job in a restaurant, and married at age 16.

His wife was African American, Richard is white, and his marriage caused a rift with his family and many of his friends. The couple were ostracized by both their communities. They had two children together – Richard loved being a father – but eventually the marriage broke up.

Richard inherited a strong work ethic from his father and became the youngest manager ever of a Domino’s Pizza store. He went on to manage a number of stores very successfully over the years, turning failing businesses into successes, working very long hours all the time. (He says “That’s one of the things I miss most in life. Being able to get up and go to work each day, and bust my ass each day, as I always have. I know it sounds strange and simple.”)

Richard married again, and had two more children. After his second marriage broke up, he ended up in Oklahoma, where he eventually took a job managing the Best Budget Inn. It was there that his life changed when Justin Sneed, who did maintenance work in exchange for a room, murdered the owner Barry van Treese and, under police pressure, named Richard as a conspirator in the crime.

Since 1998 Richard has been on death row awaiting execution. He has been there while Oklahoma has executed almost 100 other prisoners, including the botched execution of Clayton Lockett last year. Lockett spent 103 minutes strapped to a gurney while the execution team first tried to insert a catheter into his veins, then used an experimental drug cocktail which failed to “take”, then tried to abort the execution when Lockett continued to writhe and groan before he eventually died.

Richard says that Justin Sneed could clear his name, but he understands why he hasn’t done so: He believes Justin fears having his life sentence replaced with a death sentence, and is terrified by the looming horror of Oklahoma’s experimental execution protocol.

“One Seamless Thread”

January 23, 2015

January 23, 2015 “One Seamless Thread” Mark 3:13-19, Sr. Marianne Cope

Sr. Marianne Cope says to us: “Let us make best use of the fleeting moments. They will not return.” People are always asking me “How do you spend your day? Give us an outline?” I become frankly frustrated for my days are never the same, and yet as I reflect upon all my days, like yesterday in particular, they are all “one seamless thread” moving towards Galilee–towards Jesus, the Source of our being.

Yesterday I went to the Food bank and in the process of picking up food spent time with a young woman whose husband was recently murdered; anointed another man with holy oil who is struggling with a major health problem; spent six hours cooking and packaging food, and another five hours feeding people and hanging out with them in the Haight and Polk. It is all one seamless thread that flows together, the aches, and the pain of my body flows into that stream, the sorrow, the sadness, as well as the joy and the happiness I experience, flows in that one stream. As I reflect through the years all of my life has flowed in to one seamless stream into Christ who holds it all together, in him the Center of all. For me that is what justification by faith is about–being redeemed in Christ, set free to flow into Christ with all of our sins, and faults, knowing that we are his. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

“Learning to look the other way brings spiritual death in everyone who practices it. In encouraging it, religious institutions show how far they have strayed from the passionate mercy and all-seeing kindness taught and lived by those whose spiritual evolution and illumination inspired the institutions themselves.”. Dr. Will Tuttle

The Gospel of Life

January 22, 2015

January 22, “The Gospel of Life” Mk. 3:7-12 Blessed Henry Susso

Jesus said, “You shall love the Lord your God with all of your might, your strength and your mind, and likewise your neighbor as yourself.”

He lays it out without reference to religion, wealth, race, creed, sexual orientation–to follow him we are to love our neighbor and love means to provide for their needs, treat them equally, and to meet them where they are.

For me Marcus Borg sums up what it means to be a follower of God:

“To be a Christian means to find the decisive revelation of God in Jesus. To be a Muslim means to find the decisive revelation of God in the Koran. To be a Jew means to find the decisive revelation of God in the Torah, and so forth. . .To be Christian in this kind of context means to be deeply committed to one’s own tradition, even as one recognizes the validity of other traditions.”

Our call is simply to love, not to judge. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

Living a consequent vegan life naturally encourages us to awaken from the consensus trance that brings unquestioning conformity and allows cruelty and slavery to continue. Refusing to see animals as commodities, we are able to see through countless other pretenses. And, as transformative as this is for an individual to experience, it would be infinitely more transformative for our culture to do so, and to evolve beyond the obsolete orientation that sees animals as mere food commodities.

Understanding Terroists Attack

January 21, 2015

Understanding the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris by
Leonardo Boff, Theologian-Philosopher – Earthcharter Commission

It is one thing, and it is justifiable, to be indignant over the
terrorist action that killed the best French caricaturists. It was an
abominable and criminal act, which no-one can support.

Trying to understand analytically why such terrorist acts occur is
different. Such acts do not fall from a clear blue sky. The sky behind
them is dark, comprised of tragic histories, great massacres,
humiliations and discrimination, and not just from true wars, such as
those in Iraq and Afghanistan, that sacrificed the lives of thousands
upon thousands of people, or forced them into exile.

The United States and several European countries were involved in
these wars. Millions of Moslems live in France, the majority in the
peripheries of the cities, in precarious conditions. Many of them,
although born in France, are discriminated against to the point that
it appears to be true Islamophobia. After the attack on the offices of
Charlie Hebdo, a mosque was sprayed with gunfire, a Moslem restaurant
was set on fire, and an Islamic prayer house was also shot at.

The issue is one of overcoming the spirit of revenge, and renouncing
the strategy of confronting violence with still more violence. That
creates a spiral of never ending violence, that produces countless
victims, most of whom are innocent. And it will never achieve peace.
If you want peace, prepare the means of peace, which is the fruit of
dialogue and of the respectful coexistence among all.

The terrorist attack of September 11, 2001 against the United States
was paradigmatic. The reaction of President Bush was to declare
“endless war” against terror and to pass the “Patriot Act” that
violates citizens’ fundamental rights.

What the United States and her Western allies did in Iraq and
Afghanistan was a modern war with the loss of countless civilian
lives. If in those countries there had only been large date palm and
fig plantations, nothing like that would have occurred. But in those
countries there are great oil reserves, the blood of the world system
of production. Such violence left a residue of rage, hatred and a
desire of revenge in many Moslems who lived in those countries and
elsewhere, all over the world.

Starting from that background one can understand that the abominable
Paris attack was the result of this prior violence, not a spontaneous
act. Not that this justifies it.

The effect of this attack is to instill widespread fear. That is the
what terrorism seeks: to occupy the minds of the people and make them
prisoners of fear. The principal point of terrorism is not to occupy
their territory, as Westerners did in Afghanistan and Iraq, but to
occupy their minds.

Sadly, the prophesy the intellectual author of the September 11
attempts, Osama Bin Laden, made on October 8, 2001 was realized: «The
United States will never again have security, never again have peace».
To occupy people’s minds, to keep them emotionally destabilized, to
make them distrust any foreign gesture or person, is the essential
objective of terrorism.

To reach its objective of dominion of the minds, terrorism follows
this strategy:

(1) the actions must be spectacular, otherwise they do no cause
widespread commotion;

( 2 ) the actions, in spite of being hateful, must inspire admiration
for the ingenuity involved;

( 3 ) the actions must show that they were meticulously prepared;

( 4 ) the actions must be unexpected, to give the impression of being

( 5 ) the authors of the actions must remain anonymous (using masks)
because when there are more suspects, the fear is greater;

( 6 ) the actions must cause lasting fear;

( 7 ) the actions must distort the perception of reality: anything
that is different can produce terror. It is enough to see some poor
children walking into a commercial center, and the image of a
potential assailant is produced.

Let us formalize the concept of terrorism: it is any spectacular
violence, done with the purpose of filling people’s minds with fear
and dread. Violence itself is not important, what is important is its
spectacular character, its capacity for dominating everybody’s mind.
One of the most lamentable effects of terrorism was that it promoted
the terrorist State that the United States is now. Noam Chomsky quotes
an official of the North-American security apparatus, who confessed:
«The United States is a terrorist state and we are proud of it».

Hopefully this spirit does not predominate in the world, especially in
the West. If it does, we are headed for the worst kind of encounter.
Only peaceful means have the secret strength to overcome violence and
war. That is the lesson of history, and the counsel of wise humans,
such as the Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, Francis of Assísi,
and Francis of Rome.

Leonardo Boff

Compassion and Hope

January 20, 2015

January 20, 2015 “Confidence and Hope” Hebrews 6:18-20, Mk./ 2:23-28 “Blessed Cypian Michael Iwene Tansi

“We have this confidence as a sure and strong anchor in our lives.” Hebrews 6:19

Yesterday I was stopped by a gentleman, who was drunk, and around 45, to tell me he had listed my name with a funeral home to have his funeral, he has been homeless for twenty five years; I was walking down Polk and a young man tapped me on my shoulder and smiled, and walked on, he too was homeless; another young man whom I have known for thirteen years, and hangs out with a more conservative group came by because he struggles so much with is sexuality; I took some food to a family who are working minimum wage jobs living in a hotel.

I think of these words of a fellow Franciscan:


Jesus consistently showed how “the first shall be last, and the last first,” because this was very much his own story. And we could say that the last person on our own list, the person who may seem least or last or lost – or simply a loser – is someone on Jesus’ own list, someone for whom Jesus has an infinite amount of love and with whom he plans to share eternity Br. Curtis Almquist

The only “anchor” I have in my life is Jesus–each day I hold onto with a thread as I move through the day and see people hurt and the hurt caused by people. Jesus is not about “religion” for me, he is the living Reality that urges me on, and holds the hope and that is why I have faith in people for you see I believe each perons is on the list of Jesus, and I see in their eyes their pain, their trying to do their best, and as I hear our leaders talk of cutting SNAP I invite them to move out of their insulated worlds and walk the street and experience the pain of each day and to behold the face of the broken body of Christ.!

I invite people to walk out of their insulated worlds–from their gyms, from their computers, from their cars, and see the pain that surrounds them and do something one person at a time. I invite people to behold the broken body of Christ!

Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!