Revealing the Light Through Love

December 29, “Revealing the Light Through Love” I John 2:3-11; Luke 2:22-35 Thomas Becket

Yesterday I ran into a 25 year old who was hungry. He came to the streets when three years a go his wife and child were killed in a car accident, and he turned to drugs, and he had no family or support; a 50 year old gentleman comes to me for food, he is in an SRO after being on the streets for the same problem. We walk a thin line–if we have plenty of support we can get through our difficulties easier, if we do not we wind up in drastic situations like the street, which becomes nearly impossible to claw out of.

I walk the same thin line, I have walked it for 25 years, I have been lucky–I do not use drugs, I have good health insurance, and I have had good friends who have walked with me. I have seen the light of Jesus in their eyes.

The light of Jesus is revealed through love. If each of us would be aware of the people around us and really reach out in love, so many would not fall through the cracks. There will always be those who will because they make their choices, but many with a little support can make it. You see the light of Christ is not in some distant future–but now–in each of us. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

The metaphor of eating is central to spiritual communion with the divine presence. It is universally recognized that eating food is both a literally and symbolically sacred action: it is directly partaking of the infinite order that transcends our finite lives.Dr. Will Tuttle

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