Christ is Born–Homelessness Lives

December 25, “Christ is Born–Homelessness Lives” Luke 2:15-20

I have for ornaments on my tree pictures of various street kids that I know, This morning I walked across the street to the church to turn on crockpots, and there is a homeless lady in the doorway, without a blanket, and I come home and there is a homeless man in my doorway. I spent hours in the Haight and on Polk last night handing out gifts and feeding people. Christmas for me is always met with a deep sadness for the suffering that I see and experience. I come home to my nice warm place, and I leave the lady a blanket–how Christian of me. Tomorrow the Chronicle will be full of stories of homeless people being fed and provided for–how Christian of us.

In all of this I see the face of Christ, the very broken face of Christ, and it is in the incarnation that God entered into this existence calling us to follow him. To follow him in the small ways, but to follow him in serving the needs of our brothers and sisters. So let us make today and every day Christmas–let each of us reach out to one person we meet who is homeless or in need and touch their lives through feeding them, providing them resources, for with Christmas comes the journey and the cross, let us embrace the journey of Christ. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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