Sharing Our Journey

December 18, “Sharing Our Own Experience” Sr. Alicia Domon Jer. 23:5-8. Matt. 1:18-25

I have been told that I share my personal journey a little too much. I remember when I was a young preacher boy in my mid twenties being assigned to a small church in southeast Missouri. There was a lady my congregation of around 35, a mom with three children, whose husband died suddenly. Every Sunday she would cry out to me, “Share your story of how Jesus is real–let me know he is real in your life!” She desperately needed to hear of the reality of Jesus, not simply theological arguments about beliefs and how to live your life.

At the time I did not grasp what she was saying, and I am sure I was a lousy pastor as a result, but in the years since with my own journey, I have come to understand exactly what she meant. We need to know God is real, we need to experience him as a person, and we need to hear people share their journeys. So I share my pain, my journey and the experience of Jesus in my life who walks with me in the ups and downs, even when I do not experience him I know Christ is present. For ultimately Christ is all we have to hold on to. As I age I see the path narrowing to God, and I can embrace that in Christ or walk with fear, I choose to follow Christ into Galilee

The Gospel today shares with us how Joseph saw God’s presence in Mary’s pregnancy, and embraced that presence. Simply imagine how you would react if your girlfriend or wife told you she was pregnant by God–how would you react? Joseph chose not to embarrass her or to put her in danger of being killed for her sin–whatever he thought he embraced that sense of the presence of the Divine.

Sr. Alicia Doman who was tortured, and then dumped from an air plane into the Atlantic in Argentina tells of that real Jesus in her life:

“I didn’t come here to shanty town to tell people what they had to do but in order that we could help each other and share life’s joys and sorrows.”

That is all we are called to do–“to share life’s joys and sorrows.” Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

The new extremes to which animals are now subjected without remorse or awareness require that we adopt a more radically conscientious orientation that addresses the roots of our violent mentality.

While it may seem extreme to our mainstream culture to advocate for a vegan revolution that utterly rejects our commodification of animals, it is only such an apparently extreme position that can be an antidote to the extreme abuse we now force upon animals.Dr. Will Tuttle

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