“Living in the Divide”

December 17, St., Virginia Centurione Bracelli Gen 1:1-17

“Living in the Divide”

Tolstoy wrote: “We manifest in love our understanding of the unity of our being with others, and in so doing we make our life greater. The more we love, the wider, larger, and more joyful our life becomes.”

Personally I feel like I live in the divide, a great divide–between wealth and poverty; homelessness and being housed. And the reality this is the way it has been since the beginning of time. Many days it hits me square in the face ever so painfully.

I was cooking our meal at the church and it was raining outside. A mentally ill woman came to the door, a woman I have worked with a lot, begging for a hotel room–mind you not just any hotel room–but the Holiday Inn. I offered her a place she could go to find housing for the night–but mind you she wanted the Holiday Inn–and she blew up and screamed at me. I had to ask her to leave.

People see the toughness in me, they sometimes are surprised, but they see the toughness, but what they do not see is that each time I exercise that toughness it beaks my heart. It is f. . cking hard for me to see these guys on the street. As I walked the street last night and talked and gave out food in the rain–it was frankly f. ..cking hard for me to love, to care and to leave them on the street. For I know them, they call me their friend, they call me when they are sick, lonely, and cold, and I do what I can, but I have to say “no” a lot, and it hurts like hell.

I am reminded of a time when I was kicked out of a place I was living because I was queer. I slept in my care for a whole week, but I have always felt sorry for myself for a moment–and then I come out fighting. So I worked with it out with in a week. Even now I look back to those days when I had so little, prostituting, living from one motel to another, having $15.00 a week for food, and I become afraid it will happen again. I find myself stuffing myself at meals for fear of not having another meal, and worry if I will be on the street if I lose my place.

I then look at my non-negotiables and I see now that the only non-negotiable that I have is to never, never, turn my back on these guys, and in doing so on Jesus. That is my one non-negotiable.

For in looking at our Gospel this morning we have the list of the ancestors of Jesus–he is one with all us–he is one seamless cloth with us–and he calls us to be one seamless cloth with each other. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

In fact, veganism is not extreme from the point of view of our innate nature, which longs for love, creativity, and spiritual evolution. Dr. Will Tuttle

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