Returning Home

December 13, “Returning Home” Matt. 17:9-13

I viewed yesterday “The Imitation Game”, a movie about Alan Turing, who created a machine that beat the Germans. The underlying story was of his being gay and the secrets in his life. The title is a sub title about his sexuality–he imitated being straight, and eventually was persecuted and committed suicide as a result of his sexuality.

The story was painful to see because it hit home for me. Being openly gay is difficult in our society. There are parts of the country where it is a death sentence. In the same way being a person of color is dangerous–accept one can not hide your color. Our laws cover up the reality of racism and homophobia, our being “nice” and “politically correct” blocks us seeing the reality of both in our daily lives.

Will Tuttle writes:

“The more we connect, the more we understand and the more we love, and this love propels us not only to leave home, questioning our culture’s attitude of domination and exclusion, but also to return home, speaking on behalf of those who are vulnerable.”

The more we connect to people who are different than us, the more we can return home and speak on behalf of those who are vulnerable. For me “returning home’ of being open about who I am as been redemption The words of J. Philip Newell speak to me this Advent as we journey home to Christ:

“Redemption is the journey of being reconnected to the light of God within. It is a journey home that takes us through what seems like and unknown land. .Redemption is not bringing the light to a creation that is essentially dark, but rather the liberating of light from the heart of life. ”

Our call is to journey home to the God within us and as we become comfortable with ourselves so will we be with all of creation and that liberation will spread throughout society. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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