This Is Personal

November 23, “This Is Personal” Matt. 25-31-46 “Miguel Pro” “Christ the King”

I ran across a quote in A Calendar of Wisdom by Leo Tolstoy, which says: “There is only one way, if you want to live without understanding the meaning of your life: to become addicted to tobacco, alcohol, and drugs, and to live in the world of permanent entertainment.” Our leaders throw at us entertainment–to keep our minds away from reality. It is easier to go to bars, to route for the World Series, to get the Olympic Games in the City than to face the reality of the pain and suffering around us.

We divide ourselves into segments–social boundaries–and lose sight of others. Thursday, I will spend the day cooking and serving food to 800 plus people. I will be doing it alone this year. Someone commented “Don’t you want to spend Thanksgiving with your friends or family?” “Don’t you wish you had a partner to share this with?” And I am reminded of how we simply put boundaries around our family and friends. For me I am the “mother” on Thanksgiving, spending Wednesday and Thursday cooking and serving the great meal–to “my family”. For to me these guys on the street are my family, they are as real to me as my own flesh and blood, and in some ways are far closer. I remember a long time ago when a friend, my boss at the time, told me when I was dating someone, “You have a choice, you can have the one or you can have the thousands,” and for me it was the thousands and in that choice I found freedom from living my life in constant entertainment and living it in its reality–the ugly, the awesomeness, and most importantly seeing Christ in each element of life.

As we enter this Thanksgiving week my prayer for all people is that they find the meaning of family in all of God’s creatures, and yes I will be serving “tofu turkey”, so you are welcome to come to my dinner at 2:00 1755 Clay Street, and than help me take meals to people working in businesses in the area before I go out on Thursday night–that is my prayer–see all of God’s creatures as your family and friends–not because of blood line, color of skin, social status. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

By questioning our inherited cultural conditioning to commodify, abuse, and eat animals, we are taking the greatest step we can to leave home, become responsible adults, and mature spiritually, and by actively helping others do the same, we return home with a liberating message of compassion and truth that can inspire and bless others.

By leaving home we can find our true home, contribute to social progress, and help the animals with whom we share this precious earth have a chance to be at home again as well. Dr. Will Tutle

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