God Saves, We Spend

October 19 “God Saves, We Spend” Blessed Restituta Kafka, Eph. 6:1-89; Luke 13:22-30

I ran into a person I worked with my first year in San Francisco in an agency and he commented to me, “If you had simply stayed in the agency you would have retired with a great retirement, don’t you think you have wasted your life?”

The reality is I saved my life in doing this ministry, for as I look at what is going on in San Francisco and the craving for money, the question I asked, “In fifty years, guys, where are you going to be?” “What will you have?’ A young man I met a year and a half go who came out here to make it big in the tech gold rush left yesterday to go back to New York–broke, disillusioned, aged–he was not one of the lucky ones. The one’s you see in the Chronicle are only a few of the millions who come, who go broke, who leave.

The reality for me is no amount of money or security could buy the peace and satisfaction I have in my life. Yesterday as I spent the day cooking, and then last night as I walked the Haight giving out food, talking, I found so much delight. One young woman had just had a miscarriage and we spent an hour talking, and it is in those moments that I realize that I am a billionaire a million times over.

Pam Byers, a woman of courage, who fought for Queer rights in the Presbyterian Church died two days ago. While we hear nothing but praise of her now, I remember a time many years ago when other words were uttered against her. But her courage, her determination has made it possible for queer people to be accepted in ministry in her denomination–that is worth far more than any material possessions. Pam lived out the words of Blessed Restituta Katka, “I have lived for Christ, I want to die for Christ.”

And those are the words I want live my life by–for I know I am a sinner, the biggest bastard in the world, but I seek to live out those words every day of my life, and that for me is where my wealth comes from. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

By ceasing to eat animal foods and thus causing misery to our neighbors, and by practicing meditation and quiet reflection, which can eventually extract our consciousness out of the brambles of compulsive thinking, we can begin to understand what consciousness actually is. We will see that to the degree we can be open to the present moment and dwell in inner spacious silence, beyond the ceaseless internal dialogue of the busy mind, we can experience the radiant, joy-filled serenity of pure consciousness. Dr. Will Tuttle

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