God Is Our Refuge

September 27, St. Vincent de Paul “God Our Refuge” Ecc.11:9-12:8; Ps. 90, Luke 9:4-45

“. . .the dust returns to the earth as it was before and the life breath returns to God who gave it.” Ecc. 12:7

We never talk about death, our ads are full of young beautiful people, we have all the young beautiful people featured on face book, and when you talk about the pain of people and their dying–people walk a way. The reality is we all will die, and we return to the earth.

For me as I face what remains of my life all I want to do is to continue to do this ministry–to walk with those in pain–with the young man in the Haight who was physically and sexually abused as a young boy and can not cope with himself or society; with the young woman who is a drug user and her life is that of abuse; that is the way I want to end my life, walking with those guys, and trying inadequately being the presence of Jesus.

Dr. Will Tuttle writes: Jesus’ message was intolerably radical, for it was the revolutionary vegan message of mercy and love for all creatures that strikes directly at the mentality of domination and exclusion that underlies both the herding culture we live in today and the culture of Jesus’ time.

I believe this is the message of Jesus–whether you eat me or you are a vegan –and I fell from grace as a vegan last night as I ate crab at the Y crab feast–to show mercy and love for all creatures. This is the heart of the message. And as I get older, as I look at death squarely in the face ultimately that is what we are called to do–to show love, to show mercy with all of our creatures. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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