Friday, September 26, “Praying” Ecclesiastes 1:2-11, Luke 9:7-9

During the day wherever I am I go off by myself in the morning, mid day, noon, mid afternoon, evening, and finally when I go to bed and say the Daily Office. I celebrate the Eucharist every day. People joke, “We are married, have real jobs, don’t have time” when they see me or hear talk of my prayer time. The reality for me is that through the years I have learned that if I do not take that time I lose connection with God and with the work I am doing. I stay centered and grounded. In season and out of season those times keep me focused. So for me that time is as essential as my daily meals–for it feeds my inner being. In the past when I was “too busy” to pray–I burned out, became depressed, lonely–now I have times of depression and of feeling alone, but I am never alone, and the depression leaves after a while.

Secondly reading Ecclesiastes this week reminds me of how we go through our lives wondering if what we are doing is worth it, but by keeping faith in God and continuing our journey, in our faithfulness, we will find meaning. Like Mother Teresa in her years of depression the call is not often times for results but simply for faithfulness.

Last night I sat with a man whose treatment for hep c is not working. He has been given six months to live. He is homeless, and is afraid. We sat and I listened, and then we just stayed still. He asked me to anoint him, to pray, and to celebrate the Eucharist with him. This for me is what life is about, the sum total of ministry–sitting with people in their pain, and having the privilege of being the representative of Jesus. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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