Give of What You Have

September 24, “Give me the Food I Need” Proverbs 30-5-9; Lk. 9:1-6 Blessed Robert of Knearesborough

In Proverbs we read, “Don’t give me wealth nor poverty; give me just the food that I need.”

There is an 80 year old lady who lives on social security and lives in Senior Citizen Housing and gets a round in a wheel chair near the Haight. Each week she brings food and feeds a hundred people. She tells me “I have too much food, I have to share it.”

We can think in grand schemes of our government feeding and housing people, and as I look around I see multi million dollar houses for two people, expensive apartments, and people walking by those who are on the streets without blinking their eyes and I think of the lady in the wheel chair. For the reality is that all we have to do is share of what we have, each one of us. Sounds simple, but the reality is it is hard to let go, to give of ourselves, and people are not pretty to deal with, but the eternal rewards we receive within ourselves when we let go is so much more. For when we give totally of ourselves, giving what we have we know we have done our best, and we sleep really well when we do our best. So let’s heed the words of Proverbs: “Don’t give me wealth nor poverty; give me just the food that I need.” Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!


Rather than relying on science to validate veganism and our basic herbivore physiology, we may do better by calling attention to universal truths: animals are undeniably capable of suffering; our physical bodies are strongly affected by thoughts, feelings, and aspirations; and we cannot reap happiness for ourselves by sowing seeds of misery for others.

Nor may we be free while unnaturally enslaving others. We are all connected. These are knowings of the heart and veganism is, ultimately, a choice to listen to the wisdom in our heart as it opens to understanding the interconnectedness and essential unity of all life.


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