The Cunning of Selfishness

September 24, Daria Donnelly, The Cunning of Selfishness, Proverbs 3:27-34, Luke 8:16-18

Simone Weil wrote: in Waiting for God: “The different kinds of vice, the use of drugs, in the literal or metaphorical sense of the word, all such things constitute the search for a state where the beauty of the world will be tangible. The mistake lies precisely in the search for a special state. False mysticism is another form of this error.”

We look for the perfect world where we have everything, and where there is no pain, rather then live in the here and now. Daria Donnelly, a lay woman, who died of a terminal illness in 2004 wrote: “My getting sick increased my attention to the everyday heroism of refugees, the depressed, the arthritic, the mourning, the lonely, all those who know how good it is simply to get through a day.” She looked at reality and found the reign of God in her midst.

Our Scripture this morning from the Book of Proverbs calls us away from the cunning of our selfishness–that which eats us up–and to love each person we come into contact with. I sit with a 27 year old last night who struggles each day with simply to survive, and as we sat he found a moment of peace, and for that is what matters, the moment. Both Weil and Donnelly saw the reality of the present moment, and in that moment we move away from the cunning of our selfishness. Deo Gratis! Thanks be to God!

2 Responses to “The Cunning of Selfishness”

  1. Says:

    That is beautiful

  2. punkpriest Says:

    thank you

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