The Last Hour

September 21 “The Last Hour” Matt. 20:1-16

Night before last I had a young guy help me with the meal. I told him to be at the church at 3 p.m. and instead he showed up in the alley at 7:00 p.m. because he was “busy” with other things. I paid him what I had promised to pay him for six hours work, for the two. He asked me why and I simply said, “It is my money, and as far as I am concerned you showed up and so you earned the money.” For me it was not the work that counts, it is his effort, and in his brokenness over the death of his mom, the struggles with his dad, he was shown love without judgment. It is the same for me–I do the best I can, and it is never enough–yet God is generous and rewarding. That is the we all should be to each other. If we were generous and rewarding to all of our neighbors–there would be no more hunger, housing problems, health problems, immigration problems, and war. Am I being too naïve? We will only know when we try. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

When we look deeply we see that understanding brings and awakens love, and that love brings and awakens understanding. If our so-called understanding of animals does not ignite within us a loving urge to allow them to fulfill their lives and purposes, to honor, respect and appreciate them, then it is not true understanding.

Our science is in many ways incapable of this authentic understanding, and, because it is also often a vehicle of corporate power, it is best not to rely on it too heavily in our quest for wisdom or healing. Dr. Will Tuttle

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