Practice–Use What You Have

August 30, 2014 “Practice–Use What You Have” I Corinthians 1:26-31; Matt. 25:14-3 St. Jeanne Jugan

There is only on way for you to improve and that is “practice”. I have people who come out with me and complain, “you give cheap food out,” “you don’t give enough out”. I have been told, “you are really lousy, you do not do enough.” And I think to myself, “I am only an old whore who is trying to get into the kingdom of God and I use what I have.” Twenty years ago I started out with nothing, and I have nothing now, but we have fed thousands, gave thousands clothing, and blanket, and have pastored thousands. I never wait until I have the “funding”, the “security” or the “approval” of any one, I simply do it. That is what we are all called to do–to simply practice. Four hours ago four young guys interrupted me writing this–I took them to the church–fixed them some food, helped them by a tent, and got them on the bus to go north. We talked about their lives and in those moments Christ was present. That to me is what it means to use what you have. A young man told me last night that he and his room mate give out sandwiches a couple of nights a week–they give of what they have.

Jesus calls us to practice our faith, to meet the needs of our brothers and sisters using what we have. A more eloquent summary by Dr. Will Tuttle:

Honoring our natural place in the web of life by eating the foods intended for us will plant seeds of abundance, love, and freedom, whatever our religion may be.

Our prayers for peace will bear fruit when we are living the prayer for peace and, most importantly, when we offer peace to those who are at our mercy and who also long for peace and the freedom to live their lives and fulfill their purposes.

Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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