Aiming for the Target

August 28, St. Augustine “Aiming for the Target!

I Corinthians 1:1-9, Matt. 24:42-51 “God is faithful. .I Cor. 1:9”

I received an email yesterday with this question in response to my previous post:

You are aiming for the target, yes, and the street kids are indeed honest about their “sins,” and God loves you, them and all of us deeply, but what target are the kids aiming for? Does it matter if they aren’t?

I talk in these terms theologically, and from my own perspective. I believe that we all aim for the target of treating each other with respect, we miss it a hell of a lot. I know people on death row who aim for that target and miss it, and then aim for it again. When Sean commented that “You must have done some pretty bad things to take care of us now,” he was right, I have done things as a prostitute and in my own struggles in which I have sorely missed the target, and I strive to hit the target. I am not joking when I call my self the “biggest sinner in the world.” I admit it, but I get up off the ground, dust by clothes off, and aim for the target again–that is the grace of Jesus Christ.

We all aim for the target, whether we call it that are not. We all seek to treat each other with respect. That is what makes us humans. So I doubt if the “street kids” think in the those terms, as most of us do not, but they do aim for the target. I see and experience them treating each other and others with respect–even when they do not get it back. They call it “karma”. I am told all the time I am creating good “karma”. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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