Opening Our Hearts

August 26 “Opening Our Hearts” St. Emily de Vialar Matt. 23:23-26

Our Gospel sounds harsh, but its heart is to open our hearts to what matters. When we simply pay attention to ourselves and not open our hearts to all of life, we narrow our vision, we become black and white, and our hearts are hardened. Will Tuttle comments:

Within us lie seeds of awakening and compassion that may be already sprouting. Our individual journeys of transformation and spiritual evolution call us to question who and what we’ve been told we and others are, to discover and cultivate the seeds of insight and clarity within us, and to realize the connections we’ve been taught to ignore.

As we do this and as our web of journeys interweaves within our culture, cross-fertilizing and planting seeds, we can continue the transformation that is now well underway, and transcend the obsolete old paradigm that generates cycles of violence.

In my own life I have chosen to live near the people I work with, I choose to walk on their level, and choose to move among a mixture of people of the various walks of life As a result my life is more opened. My experience is that when we intermingle and know all areas of life our hearts are opened. That is the call of the Gospel, in its harshness–it is to wake up, to share, to suffer, to give, to live. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!


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