Living With A Wild God

August 25, 2014 St. Genesius the Actor, “Living With A Wild God” Matt. 23:13-22

St. Genesius was a clown in the early Christian era who performed before the Emperor making fun of Christianity, and in doing so Christ became real to him and he was executed. He is the perfect example of how our God works–wild and mysterious. That is what Barbara Ehrenrich in her book Living With A Wild God discovers in her journey, God can not be put in a box, but is wild and moves around and through us in so many ways.

Jesus says the same thing today–God can not be contained. God is a wild God who cares for humanity and calls all of us to care. God’s concern is not about belief but about how we love our neighbor and our environment. We are going to be judged on our actions, not what we believe. In today’s Gospel Christ comes out in anger against those who use the systems of society to oppress people. We are called to be attentive to the ways the systems in our lives are used–do they benefit all or just a few? As I look around I see the few being taken care of and the environment destroyed and we are called to be prophets. To speak out and to act. That takes courage and looking to the One who goes to the cross we get that courage to follow him to that cross. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

When we uproot exclusion and domination from our plates, seeds of compassion can finally freely blossom, and this process depends primarily on us watering the seeds and fully contributing our unique journey. We depend on each other, and as we free the beings we call animals, we will regain our freedom. Loving them, we will learn to love each other and be fully loved. Dr. Will Tuttle

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