May 30, Joan of Arc, John 16:15-23, “A Quieter Waitng”

“But take heart, I have conquerored the world”

Last night one after another came to pick up food, and most of them I have known for twenty years. Voluteers have come and gone because they could not see the continued suffering, and in reflecting upon that I thought of the lesson I learned through the years–the journey of a Christian is to wait–anticipate the fullness of time. There is value in each person that passes by, and God loves that person immensely, and we are called to love that person and to be quiet, and wait, and in waiting Jesus will conqueror. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

Looking from a variety of perspectives at our animal-based meals, we discover that eating animals has consequences far beyond what we would at first suspect. Like a little boy caught tormenting frogs, our culture mumbles, “It’s no big deal,” and looks away.

And yet the repercussions of our animal-based diet are a very big deal indeed, not only for the unfortunate creatures in our hands, but for us as well. Our actions reinforce attitudes, in us and in others, that amplify the ripples of those actions until they become the devastating waves of insensitivity, conflict, injustice, brutality, disease, and exploitation that rock our world today.Dr. Will Tuttle

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