Being An Outsider

Aldergate Day/ John of Brado, John 15:18-21 “If you lived on the world’s terms, the world would love you as one of its own.. .”

In John Steinbeck’s   The Grapes of Wrath when confronted about why he was pushing people off their land, one man said: . .”I got two little kids, I got a wife. Them people got to eat. .I got to think about my own folks,. .What happens to other folks is their lookout.”

This book stirred up a lot of anger because it pointed out what was going on in our country in the 30’s–“a dog eat dog” world. Make a few changes and the book fits now.  We are eating each other up, we are destroying our selves over money, power. There are high rises going up all around me–high rises for the elite, and I hear the pain of people who fear for their lives, both on and off the street. I hear the same phrase, but in different words, uttered by the gentleman above, in our restaurants, from people when asked about homeless people, and people being kicked out of their apartments. 

We have a choice–we can move from beyond ourselves-or live on God’s terms of loving our neighbor–being equal in the way we treat people, raging against City Hall, the Developers, the Congress, the President, for more equitable housing, food, and health care. In our City alone one out of six goes to bed hungry each night–that is inexcusable.

I choose not to “live on the world’s terms”–but God’s, where do you choose to live?

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