Dorothy Day refused to vote and participate in what she called “a dirty rotten system,” and I have now taken the same point of view.  Guantamo is an illustration of that “dirty rotten system”. 

We are a country that proclaims a judicial system of fairness to all, we believe we are a “light on the hill,” and yet we have imprisoned and tortured fellow human beings in another country and refused to give them a fair trial.  We live in a “dirty rotten system.”

Democrats and Republicans alike play on our fears, and in that playing, they create an enviornment of revenge, hatred, religious and racial prejudice.  They create an enviornment in which we kill innocent civilians in drone attacks and do not give people equal justice, and in so doing we create hatred and anger towards us.

I read an article last week about the military personel at Guantanmo and how they justify what they do by saying they are following orders and their country is always right, Yet they suffer severe mental, emotional, and physical distress. To me this says plenty about the justification of Guantamo.

I love the United States for the freedom, the openess, and the fairness for which she stands, but I deploy the actions of her leaders who have taken those ideals and used them for their own means, and to justify inhumane actions agains human beings.

It is time that we close Guantamo, it is time that the detainees either be freed or given a fair, just and quick trial in the United States. It is time that we call upon everyone to love our neighbor as ourselves. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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