Born Again

April 28, 2014  Born Again  Niall O’Brien Acts. 4:23-35; Jn. 3:1-8

Jesus told Nicodmus that he must be “born again”, be born in the Spirit to see through the eyes of Jesus where the people and creation are holy in God’s eyes, and where all are loved, regardless of their color, nationality, gender, sexual orientation–we are one in Christ. People asked me how I can be queerand Christian–with the hatred that spews out of many of our brothers and sisters, and it is simple–I serve Jesus of Nazreth.  Therefore it is not an issue.

Fr. Niall O’Brien sums up for me what it means to follow Jesus:

“The churche’s teaching is unambigous with regard to the pursuit of justice.  Christianity is grostesque when it turns its back on justice.  It’s not Christianity, it’s something else.”

Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

From one grain spring hundreds, thousands, and millions of grains, each of which has the same potential. How do we respond to this existential exuberance of life bursting with more life? Our response depends on our food!

Universally, we feel a sense of wonder and joy upon entering a lovingly tended organic garden. It exudes beauty, magic, delight, and blessedness, and we instinctively feel grateful and blessed in the presence of the gifts we receive so freely from forces that accomplish what we can never do: bring forth new life from seeds, roots, and stems.

And universally, we are repulsed by the violence and sheer horror and ugliness that are always required to kill animals for food, and at a deep cultural level, we feel ashamed of our relentless violence against animals for our meals. Dr. Will Tuttle

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