August 24-Blessed Maria Gabriella Sagheddu–“Fish or Cutbait” Lk. 24:35-47

The Risen Christ basically tells the disciples to “fish or cut bait”–we either get off our asses sharing with each other the good news of the gospel and our material possessions or we simply cut bait.

The early believers stood out because they lived their faith–sharing equally with everyone, caring for the sick, the dying, and being present to people–they were killed living out the resurrection in that manner.

Today 20 per cent of our population in California and San Francisco faces danger of not having enough food for today, and then there is the 5%-10% who are homeless with no where to lay their heads, 65 % of the homeless are mentally ill. It is time for us who call Christ the Lord to fish or cut bait.

Today I am going through old picutures and items of the past 20 years, there is much sadness as I see my failures, remember the early deaths of so many, and the lives that have been lived in pain and still are, there is grief, and yet their is joy even in my failures I have tried to fish, I have never tried to cut bait, and so ultimately that is all we can do–fish–in season and out of season. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

The ancient wisdom ever holds: Violence begets violence. As we sow, so shall we reap. Now is the time to sow seeds of understanding, patience, and inner reflection, and to truly live more simply, encourage a more plant-based diet, and work to transform our culture, with a view toward caring for all the humans on this beautiful earth, all the precious creatures here, and all those of the future generations who depend upon us to be responsible for our actions.

As Gandhi said, “There is enough for everyone’s need, but not for everyone’s greed.”

Dr. Will Tuttle


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