April 20, Easter Sunday, “Go Into the Tomb” John 20:1-9

In reading facebok yesterday there were the people putting down Easter, pointing out all of the resurrection narratives of the gods in the time of Jesus;  and then at the Christian Vegetarian Booth at Earthday yesterday I was bombarded with Scripture pro and con on vegetarianism, and one angry tirade against Christianity after another.

But each time I looked into the face of a hungry  person yesterday and fed them, and I listened to them,  I heard the words, “Go into the Tomb,” for in going into the tomb I come face to face with the empty tomb, and the risen Christ, and nothing else matters.

I have been trained to look at my faith through the eyes of experience, Scripture, reason and  tradition,and through those eyes I experience the evolutionary Christ who calls us to look at our eating habits and see their destructiveness to the environment, and to our own moral compass, and to love each person with our whole hearts, To me I experience God through Christ, I know God through the loving arms of Christ who is all inclusive and I am not ashamed to share  Christ for that reason.  Jesus for me has become so real and alive, and his inclusiveness and love for all of us is so real. Even in my darkest moments I know I am not far away from that love, no matter what I have done or will do–I am loved.

My heart bled yesterday as I gave two kids with no shoes, socks and just blankets around them all that I had, and I thought how much I have, and how what I do is so little. Their eyes burned into my consciousness as I saw their tears when I fed them, but my pain was that I have so much, and so many have so little, and I am selfish and self centered, and I pray that God will help me move from that selfishness and self centeredness.

Yesterday was a painful day–but an awesome day–for in experiencing the pain  ” I go late into the Tomb” and in it’s emptiness I will find the Crucifed and Risen One! Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!


The most solid and enduring motivations for action are ultimately based on caring for others—in this case imprisoned animals, wildlife, starving people, slaughterhouse workers, and future generations, to name some of those damaged by our desire for animal foods. The health advantages of a plant-based diet are the perquisites of loving-kindness and awareness, and the diseases and discomfort caused by animal foods are some of the consequences that follow from breaking natural laws. Dr. Will Tuttle


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