January 30, Sirach 4:1-6 “Don’t deprive a poor person’s life, and don’t avoid looking them in the needy in the eyes.  Don ‘t grieve a hungry person. .don’t turn your face away from the poor.”

One in six people live below the poverty line in the United States, one in six go hungry each day in San Francisco, the need for food grows daily in the Bay Area.. Our leaders completely ignore the needs of a vast majority of the people–not once was the word poor used in the State of Union; food stamps have been cut.  Dorthy Day refused to vote for a “dirty rotten system.”  Each of us are called to look each other in the eye–to to provide for each other’s needs. Those of us who have resources are called to share those resources, we are called to challenge our leaders on their words and move beyond ourselves, and our way of living until all of us live equally.  Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

Eating animal foods is an indefensible holdover from another era beyond which we must evolve, and with the ever-increasing profusion of vegan and vegetarian cookbooks and vegan foods like soy milk, soy ice cream, rice syrup, tofu, veggie burgers, and so forth, as well as fresh organically grown vegetables, legumes, fruits, grains, nuts, pastas, and cereals, we see alternatives proliferating.

Books, videos, websites, vegetarian/vegan restaurants and menu options, animal rights groups, and vegan organizations are also multiplying as we respond to the vegan imperative.  Dr. Will Tuttle

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