January 29 St, Andrew Bublev, Psalm 27, Mark 4:1-20

On my wall wall is an icon of Holy Communion and the Streets–an icon of a gang member, and of of Christ’s presence in the midst of  death, a modern icon, similar to the ones St. Andrew painted. As I meditate on it each day I see Christ in the midst of all that is around me–and I have hope, for where Jesus is there is hope. Each night as I hang out with my kids–I hold on to the hope, and am reminded that “This day we are in Paradise,”–for in that moment Jesus is present.

We need to move from focusing on ourselves, to others–all created beings–in that is our hope for when we do that we each take part in feeding people, preserving the enviornement and protecting all of our sentitent beings:

As long as we remain imprisoned in the maze of self-oriented thinking, we can easily justify our cruelty to others, excuse our hard eyes and supremacist position, discount the suffering we impose on others, and continue on, rationalizing our actions and blocking awareness of the reality of our feelings and of our fundamental oneness with other beings. Dr. Will Tuttle

Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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