January 28, St. Thomas Aquinas, “Being Yourself” Mk, 3:22-30

St. Thomas was ridiculed as stupid as a young man–became one of the greatest theologicans of the Church;  Jesus was criticzied and basically called crazy because he inclued all people in the reign of God.  And it is still the same with Jesus–when you include all in his reign it raises fears.  I have been told I walk a dangerous walk outside the bounds of the norm–and what is the norm–saying within your class, race, gender or is the norm what Jesus calls us to embracing everyone as our brother and sister, loving them, sharing with them, and caring for them.  If we are truly ourselves–we break down those false  boundaries. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

We may discover that we can “think” with our hearts, without words, and we may learn to appreciate the consciousness of animals and begin to humbly explore their mysteries.

There is perhaps much we can learn from animals. Not only do they have many powers completely unexplainable by contemporary science, but they are fellow pilgrims with us on this earth who contribute their presence to our lives and enrich our living world in countless essential ways.

In fact, without the humble earthworms, bees, and ants whom we relentlessly kill and dominate, the living ecosystems of our earth would break down and collapse—something we certainly cannot say about ourselves!

Dr. Will Tuttle

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