The Wedding Feast

John 2:1-11, The Wedding at Cana  Isa. 8:23-9:8 January 26
In meditating on this story, with the painting of Holy Communion and the Streets–a picture of a gang member, representing Christ, I cry, because Jesus wants all of life to be a wedding feast. In the paper on Saturday morning there was an article about a 72 year old woman and her disabled son coming here from Sacramento trying to get housing and how hard it is. Jesus calls us to make a wedding feast for everyone, he calls us to share of our belongings, he calls us to work with people so that we all might share in the wedding feast.
Dr. Will Tuttle hits it on the head when he says: “Our minds and consciousness are almost completely unexplored territory because we have been raised in a hearding culture that is fundamentally uncomfortable with introspection.. . .Our religions discourage meditation and reduce prayer to a dualistic carcature of asking and beseeching an ourside, enigmatic, and projected male entity.”

We can share in the wedding feast when we move to a nuturing and caring nature, and share with all of our brothers and sisters. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!”

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