anuary 2, Jn. 1: 19-28, “Saving Jesus”  A Review of A DVD

From a broad range of theologians–Walt Bruggerman, Yvette Flunder, Crossan, and many more, this video points out that we are living in the age of the Spirit, that the days of the structure set up at the time of the Emperor Constantine–that bascially brought the Church under State control, and set up a belief system to which one had to adhere is dying, and that we are being called back to the Jesus who calls us to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick, care for the dying, visit those in prison–we are being called to a ministry of doing.  It is a theology of th early Church based on love one another–regardless of culture, sexualtiy, belief–it is a theology of love of our fellow human beings. The institutional Church as we know it will die–and from it will rise a smaller, more dedicated group of followers of Jesus who move into the world in service. 

This is where the Church needs to be in a society that is full of consumerism, greed, selfishness–out ministering to those who have nothing, to the disenfranchised, sharing of what it has equally.

Today there was an article on face book about how the tech industry is destroying the social fabric of San Francisco, and will move out into the country at large–leaving behind the millions who have nothing–we as followers of Jesus are called to be in the midst of this pain–providing for those who have nothing, the least of these our brothers and sisters. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

As we remove the violence from our daily meals, we will naturally increase our ability to heal our divisions, nurture our creativity and joy, restore beauty and gentleness, and be role models of sensitivity and compassion for our children.


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