Monday, December 30, Luke 2:26-20

In Biblical times women were at the bottom, being a widow was difficult, but Anna gave her life to the temple, waiting for a glimpse of the Messiah.  Our losses can be openings to a deeper identity. Those unnerving, psychic earthquakes can deepen our experience of God’s loving presence. In that light we see new ways and we are able to reveal God’s love to others. In my own coming out, my own losses–my own psychic earthquakes–I have always found ways to reveal God’s love to others, for I have found that it is in those earthquakes that God is most real–and can use us when we open ourselves to him. As I look back through the years–I have no regrets–God’s love has been, is present, and will be present to me in all the earthquakes. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

The transnational corporations profit from animal food consumption, as do the big banks, which have made the loans that have built the whole complex and demand a healthy return on their investments.

The system spreads relentlessly and globally, and while corporate and bank returns may be healthy, people, animals, and ecosystems throughout the world fall ill and are exploited and destroyed.  Dr. Will Tuttle

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