December 23, Lk. 1:57-66

Last night my friend Dana gave me a tee shirt for Christmas that said, “The Church Militant”; and I thought of John the Baptist and of Jesus–how they call us to be the Church Militant.  Sr. Margurite of Youville commented “We need crosses in order to reach heaven.”   In nearly twenty years of ministry I have had many crosses, but like her my prayer will always be: “Give us this day our daily bread–or if not to us, at least to the poor,” for that is my prayer that we remember those who live on our doorsteps, in our parks,  who fit into no catagory, and who are hungry.  Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!


Because the quality of our food is directly connected to our mental and physiological health and to our quality of life, diminishing the quality of our food can make us sicker, weaker, and more distracted, violent, stressed, drugged, confused, and disempowered.

This is perhaps the real agenda behind the vicious efforts to weaken the standards for organic foods and to introduce highly toxic foods through irradiation, genetic engineering, addition of artificial dyes, noxious flavor-enhancers like MSG, chemical preservatives, known carcinogens like NutraSweet, and dangerous genetically engineered hormones like rBGH and carcinogenic growth hormones.

This is in addition to promoting animal-based meals, which concentrate the largest variety and intensity of toxins and are inherently confusing and disempowering.

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