December 22, Mt. 1:18-24

This past week I have been so ill; and each person I come into contact with is so full of fear–one friend has been evicted under the Ellis Act; one of my kids called and has not hooked up with Healthy San Francisco and c an not get medical service, and so on.  And I lie here and become afraid–I live on the edge,  depend on the generosity ofothers–and yet it is a life i would choose again and again–and that is when i asked myself the question, Where does hope come in?–hope is the moment of beginning again–and when you tie that in with fear it should kill fear. The world has always been full of evil. Human beings are free to choose good and evil and that is why the Gospel is not fulfilled in us because we say no to the Holy Spirit. But with God, every moment is a moment of beginning again–we are not lost, with God every moment is the moment for us to begin a new.  “perfect love casts out fear”, and their is hope with that perfect love. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!


As we research, discuss, and deepen our understanding of the mind-body connection, of the human-animal connection, and of our connection with all the larger wholes in which we are embedded, our spiritual purpose will become manifest. Dr. Will Tuttle

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