November 29

Luke 21:29-33

Trust in my word, Jesus tells us. The worst of circumstances are also when the reign of God draws near us.  Accidents, disasters, and misforturnes are also opportunities to experience the love and compassion of those around us.  The Paschal Mystery continues to color our reality, from our suffering emerges new life,and love. Disasters, high rent may tear down our physical world, damage our lives–but nothing can keep us from God’s grace. Last night there was one young guy who was truly suffering, he had just go out of the hospital, his face has haunted me all night, all I could do was sit with him; Face book, people in person are terrified of the rising rent costs and the costs of living, cost of living in the State of California is 30 percent higher then any where else–ultimately all I can do is look at the cross and see that through this there will be new life, and we must trust that that will come. A volunteer asks me alot of questions wanting black and white answers–and frankly my response–“buddy there ain’t any”–no black and white-only the grace of God is all I can hold on to. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

VegInspiration Geniuses like Pythagoras, Leonardo da Vinci, and Mahatma Gandhi abstained from eating animals. Plutarch wrote, “When we clog and cloy our body with flesh, we also render our mind and intellect coarse. When the body’s clogged with unnatural food, the mind becomes confused and dull and loses its cheerfulness. Such minds engage in trivial pursuits, because they lack the clearness and vigor for higher thinking.”

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