November 28, Thanksgiving Day

Luke 21:25-28

Fear and worry are often the largest part of our burdens;  they can weigh us down more then the actual event.  Jesus teaches us several times about the uselessness of worrying and here he challenges us again to lay our burdens down.  Instread of fear and worry he calls us to trust: to raise our heads confidently and await his grace, even in the most fearsome of circumstances. Christ the King reigns over heaven and earth and we belong to him. If he is for us, what can be against us?  Tonight I attended the Harvey Milk Memorial March and heard people full of anxiety over the evictions; it fills me with anxiety, and I think of how I have had fear over my own life being in jeopardy and that in trusting in God, I always have hope. Hope is all that we ultimately have, and Jesus is all we have. And so I raise the question each time I worry: If God is for us, what can be against us? Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

VegInspiration Like all animals, we are essentially spiritual beings, manifestations of a universal, loving intelligence that has given us bodies designed to thrive on the abundant foods that we can peacefully nourish and gather in orchards, fields, and gardens. Dr. Will Tuttle

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