November 25, St. Catherine of Alexandria

Daniel 1:1-6; 8-20; Lk. 21:1-4

In our society we high light the young, a recent article pointed out that when you turn 30 it becomes more difficult to get a job; but what Jesus is saying to us is that while the widows offering in the Gospel is small–her offering is the greatest she can give–a gift of herself, a return home to God’s embrace. In her quiet humility is a powerful prayer: You gave me all, and I am yours. We wrapped a hundred presents yesterday–of used clothing items–we will serve a simple meal for Thanksgiving–all given from the heart, all given from the very being of who we are to the One to whom we belong–that is all Jesus asks–to give our all–it is not about age, wealth, looks–it is about giving our all.   Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

VegInspiration A basic reason that billions of animals suffer confinement and slaughter is our cultural belief that we need to eat animal-derived foods to be healthy, yet one of the most common motivations many of us have to reduce or eliminate animal food consumption is improving our health!

Illuminating this paradox requires us to investigate our human physiology and the animal foods we eat, and to reconnect with the perennial understanding that cultivating kindness and awareness improves physical and mental health, while harmfulness and unconsciousness lead ultimately to physical and mental disease

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