November 23, St. Columban

Luke 9:57-62

Jesus calls us to follow him, and when we choose to follow we follow the best way that we can. My call has been to follow Jesus to the streets of San Francisco, and to live on the edge–and that call has lead me to see things, and into places that are dark, evil, and yet to see the resurrection as more real then ever.  I am single focused, I am stubborn, I am disagreeable, but that comes from following my call as God has put in my path. What I am discovering is that people  want to have a part of the call they see-the freedom, the joy–but the part of the danger, and the hard work they shirked away from.  The reality is we each have to follow our own individual call and God modes that into his reign–we can not copy. We each have to follow Jesus with all of our hearts, and minds and strenght.  One aspect of my call has been becoming vegan and Dr. Will Tuttle describes that call in this way:

VegInspiration By questioning our inherited cultural conditioning to commodify, abuse, and eat animals, we are taking the greatest step we can to leave home, become responsible adults, and mature spiritually, and by actively helping others do the same, we return home with a liberating message of compassion and truth that can inspire and bless others.

By leaving home we can find our true home, contribute to social progress, and help the animals with whom we share this precious earth have a chance to be at home again as well.


To find out who we are we have have to leave home to find our true home–and that is the hardest part–to leave the safety of what we have to step out as a pilgrim in a foreign land.

The prodigal son did just that–he wandered until he came home to his true Father, the older brother like many stayed home and never moved beyond the present, and the Father–opened his arms. And so it is with us we to grow, to mature, we too have to wander, to fuck up, and to mature–and then find ourselves in the Father’s presence. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God! 

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