November 22, Saint Celcilia

Luke 19:45-48

The merchants on Polk and Haight are often angry with me–I feed and care for the homeless–and at times which I find humorous I am blamed for the homeless on Polk.  In some ways this is what Jesus did-he broke their crates of doves open and released them, as I break open the crates of anger and ignorance against the homeless in their face. Jesus’ anger raises timeless questions about when any of us should fight against injustice.  Like the dove seller in the temple, what do we consider to be normal, socially acceptable because “everybody does it”, or “everybody” of our same economic, racial, gender does it shall we say? It has been a slow process for me, much as my process as a vegan, an evolutionary process, which continues, and for me the question I always asked is: “Am I going to let my fear get in the way?” Am I going to be like the obedient son in the Prodigal Son and protest change in others?

VegInspiration-Dr. Will Tuttle  In questioning our culture’s most fundamental and defining practice, that of imprisoning and brutalizing animals for food, we practice leaving home and embark on a spiritual journey that will put us fundamentally at odds with our culture’s values, but that at the same time makes it possible for us to be heroes who can help uplift and transform our ailing culture.


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